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Trans United is a platform for trans people with a bi-cultural background. Various workshops are offered with various themes, aimed at informing, stimulating and making the community resilient.

Part of Trans United is the Trans United Clinic, a collaboration with the GGD Amsterdam, aimed at sexual health care and medical supervision of hormone use.

House of Hiv – House of Trans United

Historically speaking, trans people of colour have fared poorly. Being marginalised on multiple fronts over the past forty years, this group has received little structural attention and care in both mainstream healthcare and prevention campaigns. Trans United Nederland was co-founded in 2018 by Dinah de Riquet-Bons, Ana Paula Lima and Samira Hak, and has been filling a gap by giving this still relatively invisible group both space and a voice. 

Under the motto “It’s never too late to be you,” Trans United in Amsterdam develops initiatives aimed at providing mental and physical care for trans people of colour, including its award-winning Trans United Clinic. They also created an informal meeting place: the “safer space” where you are right now. In this space, members of the target group can catch their breath, get advice, exchange experiences and hang out together in a relaxed atmosphere. 

The social structure of Trans United is more or less comparable to that of the various Houses that developed in the US in connection with Balls in the 1980s. Balls are competitive events revolving around looks, attitude, dance, fashion and realness. The legendary documentary Paris is Burning and the Netflix series Pose give insight into what things are like in such a House. Within this Black form of community building, everyone is welcome: queens, queers, trans people and everything in between. In fact, we like to see ourselves as the House of Trans United.

We invite you to become further acquainted with Dinah, the trans community of colour and the Trans United Clinic.

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Camiel, Sherry Jae en Lya (photo Prins de Vos)
A conversation with Dinah Bons, Antony Oomen and Lucien Pengel where they commemorate their friend Roy, who died of AIDS 25 years ago. Made by The Transketeers for House of Hiv (2022).
Sherry Jae, Dinah, Camiel and Lya about what Trans United and their clinic are doing for the trans community. Made by MVS Media for House of Hiv (2022).
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Photo Henri Blommers

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